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Amyx, Inc Contract Analyst in Aurora, Colorado

Amyx is seeking to hire a Contract Analyst to support our Defense HealthAgency (DHA) Team in Aurora, CO. This position is currently remote dueto COVID19, and will remain remote into 2021.The Defense Health Agency (DHA) is responsible for the effective executionand operation of the Department of Defense (DoD) medical mission, whichis to provide medical services and support to specified categories ofindividuals entitled to DoD medical care. The DHA provides medical care forthe DoD's 9.6 million eligible beneficiaries is provided through the defensehealth program which includes contracted health care networks and militarytreatment facilities.Contracting Division Support: Accomplish and deliver compliant pre- andpost-award documentation and/or contractual documents in accordance with theFederal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), the Department of Defense FederalAcquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS), DHA and Department of Defense(DoD) supplements, policy guidance directives and instructions. Specifictasks include, but are not limited to:Assist in the planning for and executing the pre-award activities related tosoliciting offers including:Publicizing the proposed procurementPreparing solicitationsResponding to pre-award inquiriesConducting a pre-proposal conferenceAmending or canceling the solicitationReview and assist to determine if negotiated procedures will be utilized toselect the appropriate vendor(s) to satisfy the requirement.Conduct the activities related to the evaluation of quotations in response toa solicitation including:Receiving quotationsProcessing late quotationsIdentifying and resolving mistakes in quotationsConducting price analysisDetermining completeness.Assist in evaluating vendor proposals in accordance with statute,regulation, policy, factors established in the solicitation, and theSource Selection Plan, as applicable.Assist in conducting contract award activities, to include determiningcontractor responsibility; preparing the award documentation; issuing theaward; processing requests for a debriefing; and respond to protests, ifnecessReview to consider the need to examine issues that may aid in achieving aclear and mutual understanding of contract requirements and identify andresolve potential problems.Assist in the planning and conducting post-award orientation designed toresolve potential or actual issues that may affect contract performance and toachieve a mutual understanding of significant responsibilities of both theGovernment and contractorAssist in performing quality assurance and administration of the contract bymonitoring and assessing contractor performance and communicating,negotiating and addressing issues that may arise during the performance of thecontract.Assist in collecting, review, and assess payment-related informationrelative to:Determining the allowability of costs associated with the requirementPerforming adjustments, as neededEvaluating accounting and estimating systemsAuthorizing invoice payment.In coordination with Government, review and assess to determine if there isa requirement to modify the contract by changing the terms in writing in orderto protect the rights of the all parties.Provide input to determine the need to modify the contract using the type ofcontract modification that best fits the acquisition situation.Review, assess and provide the government information to determine if it isin the best interest of the Government to terminate a contract.Assist in determining the method used to terminate the contract and carry outthe termination in accordance with applicable statute and regulation.Verify that the contract file is complete and closeout the contract file.Supported Technologies:Integrative Acquisition EnvironmentDOD acquisition systemMS Office Products, MS Project, and Adobe AcrobatRequired QualificationsA 4-year course of study leading to a bachelor's degree with a major in anyfield: that includes or is supplemented by at least 24 semester hours in anycombination o