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CDO Technologies, Inc. Desktop Support Technician 3 in Aurora, Colorado

Job Profile:This position provides client technical services and support to the local baseas part of a mission support effort for ACC/A26Responsibilities:troubleshoot fiber infrastructure, power connections and all peripheraldevices such as hardware, keyboard, video devices, mouse and KeyboardVideo Mouse (KVM) switchboxes from the desktop workstation, Video overInternet Protocol, printers, Desktop Video Teleconferencing, digitalsenders and printers to the Point of Presence and similar type fiber when it is broken, frayed, or otherwise with the Communication Squadron for access to communication closets tofacilitate troubleshooting efforts.resolve problems by identifying fix actions to customers by web interface,e-mail, phone, or by attempting a remote fix action. If physical accessor replacement of equipment is required, contractor personnel shall bedispatched to sites to resolve the problem.track all assigned work and workflow in government designated MicrosoftOffice automation software. The contractor shall also provide writtenaccounts of actions taken to resolve with the customer's respective servicing communication organization to provide customers with notifications of outages, updates and other changeswhich will affect customer ability to use devices.remove, install or update hardware such as KVM switch boxes, from thedesktop workstation, Video over Internet Protocol, printers, DesktopVideo Teleconferencing, digital senders and printers.coordinate with Equipment Custodian for turn-over of legacy or inoperabledevices.provide desktop touch maintenance.ensure availability of IT services such as e-mail, file, print and webservices. This shall include the delivery of organizational and individuale-mails to the desktop, access to shared file and data storage location andthe capability to print from the standard desktop to network closely with Enterprise Service Desk (ESD) which is part of theEnterprise Operations Center (EOC) located at Lackland AFB within the625th ACOMS. Contractor shall coordinate with the ESD/EOC thetroubleshooting of assigned Tier II with the customer's respective servicing local communicationorganization to provide customers with notifications of outages, updates,and other changes that will affect customer ability to use devices.provide ticket submitter's ticket status updates at least twice a day at aminimum until issue is resolved. Updates shall include problem diagnosis,estimated completion time and ticket completion status upon problemresolutiontrack all assigned work and workflow in government designated MicrosoftOffice automation software. Contractor shall also document actions taken toresolve tickets. If the contractor identifies areas for improvement, theyshall provide a short, written document with the recommendations describedand justified. The contractor shall summarize all work performed in a monthlyreport and provide it to assigned COR(s).Qualifications:Minimum 5 years relevant experience.Information Awareness Technician level 1 or equivalent experience.Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL),Security +,Network +,A +,Microsoft Certified Systems Administration (MCSA)-Desktop/Windows 10.Top Secret SCI clearance.CDO Technologies is an Equal Opportunity Employer