Black Hills Service Co. Gas Operations Technician in Basalt, Colorado

Job SpecificationsPAY RANGE: $19 - $25 per an hour.Base pay is determined by the knowledge, skills and abilities of theapplicant.CLOSING DATE: This position will close on December 31, 2018.LOCATION: Basalt, COPRIMARY FUNCTION:Safely performs general gas distribution system maintenance, operation andconstruction work.REPORTING RELATIONSHIP: Gas Operations SupervisorESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS:Provide recommendations on proper material type and size to accommodate loadrequirements and pressure.Insure proper location and installation of facilities such as service lines,mains and meter sets.Coordinates the location of other utilities underground facilities relative toconstruction activities.Proficient in underground line locating.Gas measurement, pressure regulation and over pressure protectioninstallations.Above and underground leak classification and repairs.Install facilities according to specifications such as trench depth/width,proper auguring, plowing and shoring.Complete field drawings per company standards to include location sketch andproper material accounting.Perform hot line tapping of mains and services of various sizes and type byselection of proper equipment and using correct procedures.Perform leak repair on underground facilities using approved repair methodsand materials based on type of sizes of mains and services.Perform pressure testing of facilities to ensure integrity and satisfy companyand Regulatory requirements.Perform proper above grade corrosion control by application of recommendedpainting techniques and material, also below grade corrosion control andanode installation surface preparation and coating applications.Maintain familiarity with steel welding procedures to evaluate quality to meetcompany standard.Inspect and monitor construction activities of gas contract constructioncrews.Maintain certification and perform plastic fusion of mains and services andproper installation of mechanical fittings.General maintenance on facilities.ADDITIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES:Other duties as required.WORKING RELATIONSHIPS:Maintain professional working relations with external and internal customers.EXPERIENCE:Experience preferred.EDUCATION:High school diploma or equivalent.KNOWLEDGE:Comprehensive understanding of gas operating safety procedures.Familiarity of Black Hills construction standards and procedures.SKILLS/ABILITY/OTHER CHARACTERISTICS:Ability to effectively prioritize projects and equipment needs whilemaintaining a rigorous construction activity schedule.A demonstrated mechanical ability, the ability to read and understandoperation manuals and has a working knowledge of regulators, meters, andpipefitting and gas operations.Ability to remain calm and make effective spontaneous decision duringemergency situations that may affect the safety of the general public,contractors and other employees.Effective customer interaction and resolution skills.SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS:Must be able to pass PE Fusion certificate.Candidate must live within 30 minutes drive time to the BHE Office at 50Sunset Dr, Basalt, CO.PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS:Applicant must be able to perform the essential job functions of the positionwith or without accommodation.Can meet the physical demands of standing, walking, sitting, lifting,carrying, pushing, pulling, climbing, balancing, stooping,bending, kneeling, crouching, crawling, reaching, handling,feeling, talking, hearing, tasting/smelling, near and far acuity,depth perception, color vision and field of vision.Lifting - Occasionally 40+ lbs. up to 30 feet (rare); and occasionallyside lifting.Lifting tools, equipment and appliances floor to waist, overhead, waistto shoulder.Prolonged loaded and unloaded forward flexion, extension, lateral flexionand rotation of the neck and spine are required.Reaching - occasionally above and below shoulder height.Ability to navigate uneven surfaces to and from vehicle and site work,transmission line patrol requiring walking distances up to miles in allterrains, in a