Google Developer Programs Engineer, Go in Boulder, Colorado

Minimum qualifications:

  • 3 years of experience in Go programming.
  • Experience working directly with third-party developers.
  • Experience working with developer communities.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Experience as a contributor to one or more open source projects, with experience in communities like Stack Overflow or similar.
  • Full-stack or back-end application development experience.
  • Experience automating and scaling web or mobile back-ends.
  • Ability to clearly communicate complex technical concepts.

The Developer Relations team consists of experts from a wide range of technology roles who combine their domain expertise with a desire to help Google build products and solutions that solve their challenges in simple, scalable, and innovative ways.

As a Developer Programs Engineer (DPE), you'll empathize deeply with your communities and advocate on their behalf to the Product and Engineering teams, ensuring that our products are built to meet their needs and that they provide the best possible user and developer experiences.

Developer Programs Engineers are the engineering wing of Developer Relations. Part software engineer, part community manager and part developer advocate, DPEs collaborate with developers at conferences and online, and advocate for developers interests internally at Google. We act as "customer zero" to ensure our products meet the needs of our developer communities. We write sample code, provide guidance and feedback on product features and consult with other teams, like the technical writing, on quickstarts, tutorials, and documentation. And we participate in the wider developer community sharing best practices and helping people solve challenges.

  • Drive the success of the Go programming language and it’s ecosystem and community through your knowledge of, and interactions with, technical communities.
  • Guide the new Go user experience through writing tutorials and developing educational solutions.
  • Write demos and sample applications using Go.
  • Participate in building developer communities, publishing blog posts/guides and promoting our APIs.
  • Build an ecosystem for Go developers by blogging, writing technical articles, making presentations at developer conferences and working with local and international developer communities.