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Google LLC Software Engineer 1615.52114.2 in Boulder, Colorado

Design, develop, modify, and/or test software needed for variousGoogle projects. Duties include: use required technologies to support,maintain, and upgrade code and participate in necessary redesign andreimplementation of existing components of Google software applications;implement test infrastructures to ensure product quality for variousproducts; implement quality control by processing data from external sourcesand formatting into consistent designs; develop test automation and definestrategies and processes to improve system efficiency; build software toolsand infrastructure to support maintenance and the improvement of datamodels; evaluate complex technical data, develop strategicrecommendations, and resolve advanced technical issues; contribute to there-design of google software applications to improve maintenance cost,testing, functionality, platform independence, and performance;implement test data processing workflow to improve the performance andcoverage of integration tests; work with cross-functional teams to ensuresoftware quality and analyze designs for technical solutions; work withproduct management to design technical solutions to the product businessideas; and provide technical participation for small projects of moderatecomplexity and impact for google, including coordinating project priorities.Masters degree (or foreign equivalent) in Software Engineering,Engineering, Computer Science, or a related field and two years ofexperience involving the following: C++, Java, Javascript, andPython; distributed system and cloud products, databases, datawarehousing, information retrieval, and SQL; version control, unittesting, and continuous integration; object oriented analysis anddesign, relational databases, and unix; distributed systems, advancedalgorithms, and api development; and mobile application development onandroid, and knowledge of internal android frameworks including android opensource project. OR Bachelors degree (or foreign equivalent) in softwareengineering, engineering, computer science or a related field and fiveyears of progressive post-baccalaureate experience involving the following:C++, Java, Javascript, and Python; distributed system and cloudproducts, databases, data warehousing, information retrieval, andSQL; version control, unit testing, and continuous integration; objectoriented analysis and design, relational databases, and unix;distributed systems, advanced algorithms, and api development; andmobile appli