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Allosource Inventory Management Technician in Centennial, Colorado

For more than 20 years, AlloSource's allografts have been the biologicsolutions our surgeon customers use to deliver better care to their patients.As one of the largest and most respected nonprofit tissue banks in the UnitedStates, AlloSource develops, processes and distributes over 200 types oflife-saving and life-enhancing allografts for use in a variety of medicalprocedures. Our commitment to honoring the gift of tissue donation motivatesus to develop innovative allografts and lead the way in cellular and tissuetheCompliance StatementMust comply and ensure adherence with FDA, CGTP, OSHA, AlloSourceSOPs, work instructions and procedures, proper practices and techniques,AATB standards, and applicable company policies, training requirements,safety practices and regulatory requirements that are applicable to the jobresThere are two available positions: 1)Friday thru Sunday and 2) Mondaythru Thursday.SummaryThe Inventory Management Technician has the responsibility and authority toensure WIP inventory, disposition and storage as well as analyzing inventorylevels, controlling quantities of finished/unfinished inventory in orderto schedule and prioritize product flow through post-production processes,in accordance with throughput requirements. The Inventory ManagementTechnician proactively resolve inventory issues including aging inventory,bottlenecks, storage and increases in WIP inventory levels. This positionmust utilize electronic systems, such as ERP, Allotrak, bar codescanners, production schedules, and document management systems.This includes appropriate inventory transactions, inventory handling,documentation and administrative activities as assigned. Frequentcommunication with multiple departments is an integral part of the job.Working holidays or any necessary overtime, on a rotating/ scheduledbasis, to ensure production needs are met. Call-in work will be determinedon an as needed basis and call-in policy and procedures will be followedaccordingly.Responsibilities are broken down into:1. WIP Inventory Area Management - Common to all Primary Support Areas2. Primary Support Areas (3)a. Sterilizationb. Final Labelingc. Inventory Tissue MovementsEssential Duties and Responsibilities:WIP Inventory Area Management Ensure continuous and proper flow of WIP inventory thru accurate andtimely inventory movement and transactions. Disposition donor and WIP inventory based on requests or requirements Conduct inventory investigations on aging inventory and bottlenecks toincrease WIP inventories as directed by Inventory Supervisor. Facilitate prioritization of inventory through post-production processes. Assist Supervisor with coordinating daily activities and generalinventory organization. Act as subject matter expert in particular area as determined bySupervisor and assist with training when needed Adhere to and promote proper practices and techniques which areconsistent with current operating procedures, training requirements,safety practices and company policies. Coordinates Quality decisions for dispositions or corrections andelevates to Supervisor as necessary Execute all inventory movement transactions to assure accurate inventorylevels and counts which includes appropriate use of bins, warehousing, andstorage conditions based on inventory type, status and 5S efforts Support cycle counting activities as directed by Inventory Supervisorand reconcile and resolve cycle count discrepanciesSterilization: Adhere to standardized SOPs and work instructions to safely andaccurately process human tissue according to the functional area to whichassigned and the tools / equipment associated:o Irradiationo Dose Audito Quarantineo DiscardsFinal Labeling: Adhere to standardized SOPs and work instructions to safely andaccurately process human tissue according to the functional area to whichassigned and the tools / equipment associated:o Final Product Labelingo Quarantineo DiscardsInventory Tissue Movements: Adhere to standar