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Frito Lay Packer in Denver, Colorado

Packer$18.18/hr- $19.39/hrThe Full-Time Packer position is responsible for constructing boxes andpacking them full of products you already know and love. A key component ofPepsiCo's success, Frito-Lay has been making the very best snacks for over80 years. Classic Lay's, Cheetos, and Doritos are just a few of theproducts that you would be packing in one of our manufacturing facilities.Although you will start out working for Frito-Lay, this job can open thedoor to career opportunities with our parent company, PepsiCo.Work hours average between 40 and 50 hours per week, mainly in the eveningand many shifts work overnight. It takes teamwork for a facility to runsmoothly, so you can expect to work weekends and holidays with the rest ofthe crew. We also offer unbeatable benefits including health insurance,dental and vision, retirement savings benefits including 401(k) withcompany contribution, vacation days and much more.If you have never worked in a warehouse environment before, you are welcometo apply. What you can expect is to be working on your feet for the entiretyof your shift near heavy machinery in a loud manufacturing environment.Frito-Lay manufacturing facilities are also large. While we want everyone tofeel comfortable, our ability to control the temperature is limited. Indoorwarehouse working conditions are impacted by seasons and the weather.Our team has a reputation for speed and we obsess over numbers. We measurenearly every activity that occurs on the manufacturing floor. This is becausewe are constantly trying to better ourselves.Here is a list of some of the more frequent tasks you could expect to performduring the course of the workday:* You will construct boxes and pack them with Frito-Lay products, eithermanually or with the help of automated machines.* You will perform frequent quality checks, such as making sure labels arecorrect.* You will maintain a clean and safe work area (safety is everyone's job).* You will clean and sanitize lines during changeovers from one product toanother.* You will be setting up lines during a changeover process, such as when weswitch from making Cool Ranch Doritos to Nacho Cheese Doritos. Your role mightinclude placing stickers and wiping down machines and making minor adjustmentsto machinery.* You will also be pushing waste totes from our production area to acompactor, securing it with a latch, and rolling them back to ourproduction floor.* Reworking products is another task you will do daily: the team takes anyproduct that does not meet our quality standards and puts them off to theside.* You will review our production schedule daily. How many boxes will youneed? As a Packer, understanding the production schedule and planning foryour shift is important.* You will troubleshoot minor mechanical issues.If you have never worked in a manufacturing environment before, please knowthat this position involves repetitively moving the arms and torso whilecontinually standing for many hours. Packers are expected to stay on the lineuntil someone relieves you for your break.Whether you are experienced or not, please be sure that you meet thefollowing minimum requirements:* You are 18 years of age or older* You will be required to work on weekends, holidays as well as off shift* You are able to stand and walk for extended periods of time with or withouta reasonable accommodation* You are able to climb, bend, reach, stoop, kneel, and stretch forextended periods with or without a reasonable accommodation* You are able to repeatedly lift, carry, push, pull, and handleproducts with or without a reasonable accommodation* You will regularly wear a hairnet, safety glasses, bump cap, andsteel-toed shoes for the duration of your work day.People often ask what kind of characteristics will make them successful inthis position. Do you think you have what it takes to perform at our level?Here is an idea of what managers are looking for:* High Energy: have you ever wished that your coworkers moved as quick