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AmerisourceBergen Global Commercialization Service Senior Business Intelligence Developer in Denver, Colorado

Senior Business Intelligence Developer (0000244I)The Sr Business Intelligence Architectis the data design expert, working across both the Client Insights and theIndustry Insights and Advanced Reporting units to create solutions that meetever-changing business needs. The Sr Business Intelligence Architect utilizesvarious data extraction, data aggregation, and business intelligencetools, along with a broad understanding of multiple disciplines, to createrich data environments that can be used for advanced analytics and reporting.As an expert in client, industry, and cross-client program data, the SrBusiness Intelligence Architect determines the best approaches to integrateadditional data (including 3rd party vendor data) into existing data setsto generate optimal value. The Sr Business Intelligence Architect thenaggregates disparate data sets so that data reporting and analytics canefficiently take place. The Sr Business Intelligence Architect proactivelyworks to improve data environments, with a constant eye on building outself-service capabilities across all business partners.Growth and Improvement of Data EnvironmentsSupport the management all data elements stored in the program databaseconsisting of all applications and systems containing program data.Implement and maintain a process to ensure program and system designparameters are designed to capture and store data appropriately to facilitatereporting and analytic goals mutually defined by the client and Lash Group.Develop a data reporting environment that facilitates consistent and accuratereporting of the client's data captured by Lash Group's Call CenterOperations.Provide 3rd party data integration planning and support.Pilot Integration of 3rd Party DataMake recommendations on how to integrate 3rd party data into Lash Group'sdata environments to support program operations and/or advanced reportingfor the client depending on their reporting and analytics goals.Provide consulting and recommendation to support the creation andimplementation of data transfers and data feeds with third party datarecipientsDetermine the best methods and algorithms to use in matching disparatedatasets with no unique identifiersPlay an integral role in the data aggregation processStructure the data in the most effective and efficient format for analyticsand reportingCreation of Self-Service Reporting EnvironmentWork closely with Consultants and Insights Analysts to understand the needsand strategic goals of business partners and develop self-service reportingenvironments to meet their needsPartner with ABC Business Intelligence group to implement the necessarysecurity measures and promote solutions through the various environmentsSupport data feeds and data transfers to third partiesAssist in ensuring the accurate and timely delivery of all new and existingdata feeds and data transfersQualificationsRequires strong experience in querying and structuring relational databasesusing SQL, with at least 1-3 years of experience.Completion of a four year Bachelors' degree program, preferably with anemphasis in computer science, mathematics, statistics, or data and analytics.Ability to create new or leverage existing analysis models and apply them toaligned program using business knowledge.Requires expertise in business intelligence platforms such as Qlik, Tableauor like platforms, with at least 1-3 years of experience.Must have high-level knowledge of Excel, Word, and Power Point.Customer focusedDemonstrates strong interpersonal and partnership skillsStrong verbal and written communication with the ability to communicatewithin cross-functional/organizational teamsAbility to work independently, self-directed and solutions orientedStrong time management skills and multi-tasking abilities. Ability toprioritize, organize and plan workEffective problem-solving abilityAbility to integrate and analyze multiple sources of dataAbility to effectively analyze and interpret business level dataHe or she should po