HomeAdvisor Software Development Intern (Summer 2019 - Denver, CO) in Denver, Colorado

Are you a current college student interested in software development and technology? Are you looking for a chance to put away the books and get some hands-on experience? HomeAdvisor has a Software Development Intern opportunity that's just for you!

What is HomeAdvisor, anyway?

HomeAdvisor helps homeowners find and connect to pre-screened home improvement specialists through our web-based and mobile applications, and we’re helping small business owners advertise and grow their businesses. HomeAdvisor and Angie’s List combined in 2017 to create the largest home services marketplace in the nation. Part of ANGI Homeservices (ANGI), we connect millions of homeowners across the globe with home service professionals through our innovative and user-friendly products. ANGI Homeservices operates 11 brands in eight countries.

The HomeAdvisor software development team is responsible for the technical design, architecture, and programming for our both our customer-facing web-based and mobile applications, as well as for the tools our internal teams use for productivity. We operate an Agile-based development environment where our developers have a direct impact on how our customers use our tools. As our Intern, you'll see how experts from various departments – including product development and software test – work together to launch some of our most innovative and cutting-edge technology solutions.

What you'll walk away knowing:

  • What a full-stack shop looks like, what developers at all levels do, and how it all works together.

  • How the full software development lifecycle (SDLC) works, from collecting requirements to production support, and how all teams relate to and interact with development and testing.

  • What it really takes to build high-impact customer-facing web applications using Java JEE technologies, Oracle databases, and typical front-end web development technologies (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript/jQuery)

General attributes we'll be looking for in our intern:

  • You have general knowledge of software development and object-oriented programming principles, plus recent experience coding in Java. Any knowledge of web technologies, SEO, or software quality assurance will help you out tremendously.

  • You geek out over technology and love to learn new things – maybe you're asked by friends to help with technical issues, or you have a server farm set up in the basement, or you examine a site's source code to see how it works.

  • You work hard because you like results, but you know how to clear your head when you're just not being productive.

  • You're comfortable working with, talking to, and sharing information with a wide variety of audiences.

  • You’re currently pursuing a Computer Science or related degree, or have recently finished a bootcamp-type program.

This is a paid internship opportunity for the summer of 2019. This internship is slated to last about 10 weeks, is a full-time, 40 hours per week position, and will require work from our headquarters in Denver, CO. We do not have travel or housing stipends available for out-of-town candidates, so you must be willing to cover your own living expenses if you are not in the Denver area.

If you’re interested in working with us, submit your resume today!