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Woodward HRT Inc. MACHINIST LEVEL 2 (1st And 2nd Shift) in Fort Collins, Colorado

DescriptionPosition PurposeMachinist Level 2 reports to the manufacturing supervisor and is responsiblefor setting up, operating and maintaining several machine types in anindustrial setting. The position involves troubleshooting, moderatedecision-making and problem solving. The role works under limited supervisionand provides some guidance to other members. There is limited contact withexternal suppliers or customers.Essential FunctionsSets up and operates machines with little or no supervision and performsrequired process checks or inspections per the process documentation. InDuarte, the following functions are performed by the Lead only. For allother locations, they are essential for all members. Provide training toothers in the department when necessary, double checks the work of others.Identify, document and controlnonconforming material according toprocedures, identify and implement corrective actions to addressnonconformance and implement root cause corrective actions.Adhere to all safety standards, regulations and operating procedures.Utilize computer programs to enter part data (e.g., serial number),log time, look up instructions and blueprints and download programs.Utilize work instructions, set-up sheets and method documents to correctlyset up machines and inspect machined parts.Utilize various gauging equipment to ensure conformance to the engineeringspecifications and standards through the production run. Collaborate withappropriate organizations to develop and assist in the implementation ofprocess plans and improvements.Clean and maintain measuring instruments and test equipment and inspect partsfor cleanliness (e.g., routed and deburring operations). Operateprecision inspection equipment and perform first piece check out whenapplicable to the job. (In Duarte, inspection completed by inspectiondepartmenInterpret and follow blueprints for proper production task completion.Perform routed operations of precision close tolerance parts.Complete paperwork while adhering to record retention requirements.Utilize basic Six Sigma tools and methodology.Other FunctionsCommunicate information to others about project status, updates, specificinstructions, etc. and review item status in MRP to ensure item islogged/closed out appropriately.Clean and organize the immediate work area.May perform secondary work functions, such as deburring and sub-assemblywith certifications, as required. (Does not apply in Duarte.)Provide training to others in the department when necessary.May set up Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) machinery and makeadjustments when necessary.Monitor and maintain the condition of cutting tools.Notify supervisors and other personnel of production or machine problems.Promote teamwork within the organization.Verify the calibration of equipment and expiration dates.Obtain certifications as necessary for required processes.Complete and review product paperwork, verifying all paperwork is presentand filled out appropriately.Follow all departmental safety rules and regulations.QualificationsKnowledge/Skills/Abilities:Knowledge of and ability to apply inspection techniques (e.g., formalizedinspection standards, inspection instructions, best practices) and useinspection tools efficiently. The ability to read and use micrometers,functional and cylindrical gauges, comparators, indicator setups,calibration stickers and scales.Intermediate ability to read, interpret and use the information presented indrawings, diagrams and blueprints to determine appropriate activities,tools, and next steps in the production process.Ability to learn and use available business software as necessary.Knowledge of part special handling guidelines and specifications. Thisincludes researching part handling instructions using facility databases orwork orders and following the handling procedures required.