Colorado State Temporary Highway Maintenance Worker - Granby in Grand County, Colorado

Temporary Highway Maintenance Worker - Granby



Temporary Highway Maintenance Worker - Granby


$1,760.00 Biweekly


Grand County, CO

Job Type

Temporary (9 months or less)


Department of Transportation

Job Number

HAA-WinterTemp R3S6 Granby



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Department Information

This position is open to applications from both Colorado residents and non-residents.

This is a paid temporary position lasting up to 9 months. Although benefits are not provided, it does allow an opportunity to gain experience for a permanent position.

Are you a Roadway or Construction Trades Worker WITH A COMMERCIAL DRIVER'S LICENSE, Class A or B, that allows operation in Colorado? There is a vacancy on the Granby Patrol located in Granby, CO.

CDOT offers $22.00/hour for the winter season, which at 40 hours per week is equivalent to $122/day, $610/week, $1221/biweekly, and $3813/month. The majority of CDOT's temporary Highway Maintenance Worker positions work 40 hours per week with the opportunity for overtime. Flexible schedules may be available on request to work fewer hours and just be called in for snow shift.

CDOT provides employees with personal protective equipment, such as uniforms, boots, hard hats, gloves, safety vest, respirator, and tools. Employees may be the first on a scene and so receive CPR and first aid training.

CDOT is responsible for taking care of the state highway and roadway systems through landscape, heavy construction and operating specialized snow removal equipment. As a highway maintenance worker, you will receive training on specialized equipment such as loaders, motor graders, 2+ ton snow blowers, and using wing attachments to remove snow and maintain the roads and CDOT right-of-way.

Are you looking for a maintenance career or the opportunity to learn new skills? Many of our temporary Highway Maintenance Workers go on to become permanent employees with CDOT. Experience in our temporary positions will help you determine whether this is the position for you and give you valuable experience to help you compete for a permanent position. CDOT is striving to be the best DOT in the country, committed to saving lives and making people's lives better. In working towards that goal, our maintenance team plays a critical role.

Description of Job

Are you looking for a challenge? Do you want to learn new skills? Do you have a passion for helping people? Do you want to be part of a diverse team that is committed to making the transportation system in your community safe and efficient? Are you looking for variety in your day-to-day job duties? Our Highway Maintenance Workers are important members of communities across the state, tackling any situation that the traveling public and the Colorado weather puts in front of them!

Work assignments are frequently performed under hazardous, high volume traffic situations including bad weather conditions. Night and shift work are required for many highway maintenance positions, including working weekend hours and holidays as needed or required. Highway maintenance workers are required to respond to emergencies 24 hours per day/7 days per week.

Major duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Operate snow plows, tandem or mid-range trucks, loaders, hand tools, power tools, etc.

  • Inspect, clean, and repair roadways, bridges, tunnels, drainage systems, and other structures

  • Install and repair guardrail, highway markers, warning signals, and highway lighting

  • Remove litter, hazardous objects, and debris from roadways

  • Participate in traffic control safe zones around work areas to divert traffic

  • Respond to emergencies by following prescribe procedures, such as stopping or slowing traffic, operating emergency vehicles, etc.

  • Perform minor maintenance and repair of equipment and tools

  • Other duties as assigned

    Work Environment:

  • Exposure to loud noise

  • Exposure to fumes, odors, gasses, dusts, etc. that may affect breathing, eyes and skin

  • Required to use appropriate personal protective equipment as needed

  • Required to work with chemicals and cleaning products

  • Some equipment requires the use of respirators

  • Work in close proximity to heavy traffic

  • Use of ladders and scissor lifts for heights of approximately 10 – 20'

  • Required to drive CDOT vehicles

  • May be required to work nights and weekends as part of regular job duties

  • Frequently respond to emergencies outside regular work hours and may work overtime including weekends and holidays

  • Must be willing and be physically able to work in extreme temperatures (hot and cold), variable weather conditions, and at varying elevations up to 12,000 feet for long periods of time

Minimum Qualifications, Substitutions, Conditions of Employment & Appeal Rights

This experience must be specifically documented on your application. Additional information submitted after the closing date of this announcement will not be considered in the review of your application.

  • Must possess and maintain a valid Commercial Driver's License Class A or B with no restriction on air brakes, allowing operation in Colorado AND have at least two (2) years of experience in physical labor and heavy equipment operation, which includes:

  • At least six (6) months in physical labor experience AND at least six (6) months heavy equipment operation experience.

  • The remaining twelve (12) months can be any combination of physical labor experience and/or heavy equipment operation experience.

Necessary Special Requirements: The following conditions must be met and maintained in order to be employed and to continue employment at CDOT in this position, unless exempted by the Maintenance Superintendent or Traffic Program Engineer.

  • May be required to pass a controlled substance test (i.e. drug test), and DOT physical through our medical provider.

  • Must be willing to respond to emergencies outside regular work hours and work overtime including weekends and holidays.

  • Must provide the supervisor with a telephone number where you can be reached for the purposes of responding to an emergency.

  • May be required to live within thirty (30) minutes' driving time, under normal weather conditions, of where the work station and/or equipment is located. This is necessary in order to report to work in a timely manner in emergency situations. Knowledge of an emergency or hazardous condition may be considered to be notification to report to work station.

Employment Screening

If an applicant reaches the finalist stage of the hiring process, the Colorado Department of Transportation may procure a consumer report and/or investigative consumer report on the applicant in connection with his/her application for employment purposes, as defined under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. These reports may be obtained at any time after receipt of the applicant's authorization. As part of the employment screening an applicant will be requested to disclose any differed judgments and convictions as well an explanation of the circumstances around any arrest or conviction. In the event that a screening returns information that the applicant believes is not accurate, he or she will have an opportunity to dispute the information with "Info Cubic".

Info Cubic, a consumer reporting agency, will obtain the report for CDOT. Further information regarding Info Cubic, LLC, including its privacy policy, may be found online at Info Cubic is located at 116 Inverness Drive East, Suite 206, Englewood, CO 80112, and can be reached at 877.360.4636.

The report may contain information bearing on the applicant's character, general reputation, personal characteristics, and mode of living. The information that may be included in the report includes: social security number trace, criminal records check, public court records checks, education records, and driving records checks. CDOT will only request credit reports insofar as they relate to the position for which the applicant is applying. The information contained in the report will be obtained from private and/or public record sources. The applicant will have the right, upon written request made within a reasonable time after receipt of a notice, to request disclosure of the nature and scope of any investigative consumer report.

Supplemental Information

This is a paid temporary position with no benefits and will exist for 9 months or less.

Notifications: All correspondence regarding your status in the selection/examination process will be via email. Include your current working email address on your application and check your email frequently as you could receive time sensitive correspondence regarding this position. We highly recommend that you set up your email to accept messages from "" and "" addresses. It is your responsibility to ensure that your email will accept these notices and/or review your junk mail and spam filtered email.

Applicant Checklist: Only complete applications submitted by the closing date for this announcement will be given consideration. Immediately after you submit your application you should receive an email that confirms that you successfully submitted an application for this position. If you do not, try submitting again until you receive the confirmation email. Be sure to also check your junk folder for email communications from the State of Colorado's website.

Complete Applications must include the following documents:

1) A complete CDOT Application for Announced Vacancy (please submit online using the link in this announcement)

2) A complete Supplemental Questionnaire (must submit online as part of your application)

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