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Charter Communications, Inc. Lead Application Developer in Greenwood Village, Colorado

Create, architect, code, and test software video applications. Createand deploy documentation and scripts. Utilize Software Development Lifecycle(SDLC), Software Testing Lifecycle (STLC) and Continuous Integration(CI). Develop software development methodology that combines softwaredevelopment with information technology operations to shorten the systemsdevelopment lifecycle while delivering features, fixes and updates in closealignment with business objectives. Utilize cable QAM videos and Set-top boxsoftware. Design solutions for testing related issues. Analyze the solutionsarchitecture. Design test strategy to ensure development meets businessrequirements. Perform software application testing to provide direction toother engineers on test approach and strategy. Support testing teams byproviding technical support to help design and deliver overall testingmethodology. Monitor the effectiveness of the testing function and bring aboutimprovements through insights by analysis at all stages of the SDLC and STLC.Identify tools and technologies that can be implemented and align them acrossthe broader development function and in-line with the skill-set of the team.Utilize IP Video software stack. Perform test infrastructure includingenvironments and software. Liaise with teams including DevOps and support inareas including CI. Support provisioning and operating in a cloud environment.Troubleshoot issues and provide technical support. Provide technicalknow-how, documentation and train to test other business functions. UtilizeSOA services, middleware and microservices. RQMTS: Bachelor's degree,or foreign equivalent, in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering,Mechanical Engineering, or a related field and 6 years of experience withsoftware application testing to provide direction to other engineers on testapproach and strategy; utilize 6 years of experience SOA services,middleware and microservices. Must have 2 years of experience with cable QAMvideos and Set-top box software; utilizing IP Video software stack; andprovisioning and operating in a cloud environment. Apply at ref