Bluefin, LLC Roof Survey Technician in Greenwood Village, Colorado

BLUEFIN is a roof consulting, building envelope consulting, and pavementconsulting firm. We help large building owners preserve their highest-valuefacility assets. We focus on these areas because they hold the greatestopportunities to save money through proactive asset management.GENERAL PURPOSE: Roofing Surveying TechnicianTo effectively apply BLUEFIN methodology in the facility (roof, walls,and pavement) inspection process for BLUEFIN projects and to provide qualityassurance observation on projects as needed. Roofing to include surveyingmultiple buildings for each project and performing light maintenance(cleaning up debris, caulking, etc.) and repairs on each roof. Wallsto include surveying and light maintenance (caulking). Pavement to includesurveying parking lots, entryways and drives, and sidewalks/stairs andaccess ramps. While direct supervision is provided by the Director of FieldOperations and Safety, this position does work under the direction of aProject Manager or Project Coordinator in order to complete surveys for eachproject and will perform services for multiple customers. This positionrequires nationwide travel 2-3 weeks at a time with a handful of rest days athESSENTIAL DUTIES/RESPONSIBILITIES: Roofing Surveying TechnicianDUTY: Operational Roofing SurveyingInspect and evaluate roofing asset under the direction of a ProjectManager/Project CoordinatorTake clear photos (no silhouettes/shadows) of the building, roof,defects, inventory, and perimeterTake perimeter measurementsTake GPS data pointsIdentify roof assembly and inventoryMake recommendations based upon inspectionRemove debris from roof to allow for thorough visual evaluation of the entireroof surfaceClean and open drains, scuppers, and gutters for inspection of drainagesystemsRe-attach any loose metal work (flashings, counter-flashings, gutters,and downspouts) and seal for water and air intrusion to check for proper fitand water-tightness during the inspection processRemoval of accumulated grease, oil, coolant or any caustic materialspresent on roof membrane which could cause a safety hazard during theinspection processCollect core samples and repair holes on all commercial roof typesAs needed, perform minor repairs to prevent leaksDUTY: Operational Wall SurveyingInspect and evaluate wall asset under the direction of a ProjectManager/Project CoordinatorMake recommendations based upon inspectionCollect pertinent information and related defects using a hand held device,including:Condition of sealants (deterioration, missing, poorly applied)Condition of wall surface (paint, coating, brick)Condition of wall structure (cracks, holes, shifting)Condition of doors, windows, and all exterior trim (damaged, poorlyinstalled, missing).Lighting attached to exterior walls (adequate, damaged, properly installed)Signage attached to exterior walls (faded, attached well)PhotosIdentify any hazardous conditionsDUTY: Operational Pavement SurveyingInspect and evaluate concrete and asphalt assets under the direction of aProject Manager/Project CoordinatorMake recommendations based upon inspectionIdentify any hazardous conditionsCollect pertinent information of condition and defects using a hand helddevice & GPSPerimeter description (curb, wall, edge) with related defects(cracks, breaks, etc.)Asphalt parking and drive defects (alligatoring, block cracking,raveling, etc.)Concrete parking, drive, slab defects (heaving, spalling, divided slab, etc.)Locate defects with handheld device and GPSLocate related inventory (bollards, ramps, docks, ADA, striping,lighting, etc.)PhotosDUTY: Quality Assurance ObservationLiaison between the Owner/Architect and the Roofing ContractorRead, understand, and be familiarize with the related contract and thespecifications agreed upon by the Client and the Roofing ContractorInspects the material and confirms correct storage methodsReports accurate progress of the project, confirms correct installationmethods and adherence to change orders, an