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Trimble Inc. IS Specialist, Rotational Development Program in Westminster, Colorado

Trimble offers a unique opportunity for a skilled recent graduate to join theTrimble team as a part of our Information Systems Rotational DevelopmentProgram. In this position you will have the opportunity to use your recentlygained knowledge to rotate through 4 different positions within 4 differentareas, providing you vast opportunities and great company exposure. At theend of this 24 month program you will continue your Trimble career in theposition that best suits your skills and the business needs.This is a full-time, salaried position, with benefits.Rotations would generally include 6 months spent in 4 of the following roles:Telecommunication EngineerAnalyze reported Telecom requests and issues. Present the issues in a tabularor graphical form to identify areas for improvement.Review existing Teleconference Conference Room instructions. Propose changesto enable more employees to make use of the advanced services, such as videosharing and effective use of multiple monitors.Analyze Telephone Call Quality data. Import the data set and present summarydata in a meaningful way. Sort and filter the data sets by geographic or otherattribute to identify new or existing problems.Manage a project to deploy Raspberry Pi units running VoIP and Networkdiagnostic test tools to 70+ Trimble locations in 15 countries. Work withour cloud VoIP service provider to filter/examine and alarm on failed testresults.Support the Telecom Helpdesk. Triage employee submitted requests and respondto them with initial follow up questions or information to address theirrequests.IS Integration ProjectsParticipate in an Information Systems audit and fact-finding trip to a newlyacquired company. Review their inventory of Information Systems. Develop aplan to integrate or migrate them to Trimble standard Information Systems.Task areas include network, systems and project management.Participate in defining and documenting the low voltage design of a newfacility or area of a facility. This may include teleconference equipment,network appliance selection, UPS systems. The task includes working withfloor drawings and system diagrams.You will be a member of a small team that will travel to an office site toconnect them to Trimble standardized Information Systems. This may includephysical network connectivity, server infrastructure and systems to includeDNS, Email and other IS applications.Corporate Information SystemsMonitor Systems support ticketing queue, take, and complete tasks as needed.Support Tier 1 and Tier 2 with tickets and issues when asked for advice orhelp.Create different types of Active Directory and Google accounts and groups.Process employee terminations with regards to account access and user's dataper written policy.schedule and execute changes on web applications firewalls as requested byusers, and in accordance with departmental process and procedure.Monitor the performance and resource usage of web application firewalls andintrusion detection servers.Review logs to identify suspicious activity on systems monitored and protectedby security infrastructure.Schedule and execute changes on web applications firewalls as requested byusers, and in accordance with departmental process and procedures.IS Help Desk TechnicianGlobal Support- Help users and our team where needed.Responsible for screening, referring, diagnosing, and resolving internalinquiries and work requests as they relate to the maintenance and support ofcomputers and related systems and hardware.Troubleshoot, identify, and resolve problems relating to PC's, Macs,mobile devices, software applications, and workstation/networkcommunications interfaces.Provide impeccable customer service as the face of IT.Create/update documents in repository quarterly.Collaborate/knowledge share with team.Order Mac and Dell hardware and keep accessories stocked.Configure PC's and Mac's to Corporate standards.Manage tickets in system by providing frequent updates to the customer,updating the technical solu